PMO Planet presents at Nordic Project Zone in Stockholm

A Good Tradesman Never Blames Their Tools!!!!

PMO Planet will be presenting in Stockholm on Monday 14th November 2011 at the Nordic Project Zone.

How many companies buy and attempt to use a Enterprise Portfolio Management tool to capture information on their projects?

And how many manage to make this successful? how many end up with an expensive overhead, and an even bigger headache?

Implementing an IT / ICT / Technology solution in any business should help not hinder. It should improve the effeciency and effectiveness of a business, yet in the majority of cases in Project Management we fail to make the process easier for project managers, and fail to get the right and correct information to the Executives.

This presentation will focus on why a tool is required if operating multiple projects, the benefits a tool can bring, but also to make it easy and user friendly for all. Placing the user at the centre of the Enterprise tool.


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