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PMO Planet – How to manage Project Close Down’s


One area which is often done in a light touch fashion – if at all – is the Close Down review of a Project; some call it ‘post implementation review – PIR’

PMO’s add immense value by recycling lessons learned from the past, and bringing them into new projects starting up. Ultimately, this activity can increase an organisations capability in managing, leading and delivering projects.


In our new page on Close Down, there are recommendations on what to review, how to collate and re-use the information, and also how to have fun sharing the lessons learned with Project Managers by also offering them doughnuts!

Close Down

Have a read through, and let us know if your organisation has been successful in making Project close Down reporting part of the Knowledge Management strategy?




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  1. Our company’s PMO will review benefits with our Finance department to see evidence of delivery of financial benefits taking place.

    Additionally Non-Financial benefits must be baselined and given a measurement method by the project board prior to a business case or Project Initiation Document being approved. These measurements are then reviewed in the project closure report and revisited in Post Project Evaluations which take place a minimum of 1 year after the project was closed.

  2. John…. Great addition to the article… Thanks

    It goes to show how reviewing the benefits post project, can be an extreme valuable learning insight for both avoiding future challenges, and also ensuring the project is being used and implemented, ultimately avoiding the ‘launch and leave’ risk, which so many organisations suffer from.



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