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PMO Planet – How to manage Project Close Down’s

One area which is often done in a light touch fashion – if at all – is the Close Down review of a Project; some call it ‘post implementation review – PIR’ PMO’s add immense value by recycling lessons learned from the past, and bringing them into new projects starting up. Ultimately, this activity can increase an organisations capability in managing, leading and delivering projects.   In our new page on Close Down, there are recommendations on what to review, how to collate and re-use the information, and also how to have fun sharing the lessons learned with Project Managers…

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War on Project Failure

  To kick off the ‘War on Project Failure’ we’ve attached some propaganda posters for you to download…. click here to see all the ‘Keep Calm’ posters or go to The idea was formed from an article produced on the PM Hut, listing 31 reasons why projects fail. The list was not a detailed explanation, but literally a simple list. So as a bit of fun, we’ve started adding to this list….. and feel free to suggest any posters you would like to see Keep Calm…. it’s only a Project! p.s. for those wanting to know more about Keep…

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Project Face Cream

A Husband and wife go shopping. The husband picks up 24 cans of beer for £10, and his wife asks to put them back for they can’t afford it. On the next aisle his wife picks up a face cream for £20. The husband asks ‘why do you need face cream?’, and the wife reminds him that it makes her look beautiful. The husband replies ‘so does the beer, and it’s half the price!’ There has to be ‘some’ truth in the above tale… How many times does an organisation go with an idea, that is expensive, has been well…

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When Times are Tough… where do PMOs add value?

I started my career many years ago in a strategic level PMO. This was before any book or manual such as P3O or Management of Portfolios guide by OGC. At times, I am asked by organisations to look at why projects and programmes may be struggling to deliver to time and to cost etc. This has recently got me thinking about how the PMO landscape has changed over the recent years since the introduction of the P3O guide and with the more recent book of Management of Portfolios. It seems these days the vast majority of discussions and articles seem…

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Project and Programme Manangement Jargon!

I was recently having a meal with some friends in the PMO SIG, and we got talking about working in Portfolio’s, Programmes and Projects. Each of us had different backgrounds, and experiences, working in different sectors, yet as the beer and wine was flowing ‘top down’, we started using project style jargon and speak; and all of us understood each other. So I decided I’d do a ‘Deep Dive’ on this area by writing an article, and try and understand what sort of jargon we all use in Projects and Programmes. Rather than ‘offshore’ this one by searching Google, and…

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