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Why the 3×3 Project Risk Scoring Matrix doesn’t work on Portfolio’s?

This has been a frustration of mine for a long time – how many Portfolio’s collect all the Project Risk Logs (or RAIDs) and then say this is the Organisations Portfolio Risk Log….. WRONG!!! The top scoring aggregated Project risks are not Organisational Portfolio risks. There might be the odd one or two which comes from a Project and affects the whole Portfolio, but generally one set of risks focus’s on delivery of a single project (outputs and plans etc), the other should focus on the impact to the Organisations ability to absorb change, and if there is any risk…

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What is a Portfolio Office?

One question with so many answers….. EPMO, CPMO, PPO, PMO, ABC, 123…. la la la…. Lets start with what it is not…. a Portfolio Office is not about standards, or training, or templates, or dashboard reports… Although these are activities that a Portfolio Office could class within it’s accountabilities, the main objective should be a commercially driven one; something along the lines of ‘accountable for the business to realise the best value proposition in delivering change that drives the organisations strategic objectives’ Run the Business, Change the Business, Run the Business – this is the reality of ensuring all change…

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The Greatest Ever Project Sponsor – Mandela

Nelson Mandela 1918-2013 – ‘The Greatest Ever Project Sponsor’ PMO Planet’s Top 20 Mandela quotes for PMO’s and Project Professionals For those who know me on a personal level, South Africa has a very special place in my heart, a place where part of my family still call home. It is an impressive country, both geographically with its diverse wildlife and mountain ranges (Cape Point, Blythe Canyon etc), but it is also made even more beautiful by it’s people. The passing of Tata Madiba Nelson Mandela is an event which brings a great era to an end, but, if you…

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PMO Nightmares !!!!! boo!

PMO Nightmares – stuff that makes a PMO scream!!!   Boo! For our Halloween blog, a couple of PMO people in our network have decided to come up with our top 5 PMO nightmares….. If you have others, please feel free to comment below (we would love to hear from you)   1.       Projects changing without the PMO made aware Arguably, the PMO has lost control. All projects are all based on estimates, and these estimates can be wrong and therefore subject to change. It’s a matter of how much change is allowed to happen within the project without the…

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“What does Project Management mean to me? – a Project Managers Sermon”

“What does project management mean to me – a Project Manager’s sermon”   Three people are arguing over who has the oldest profession in the world. A Doctor, an Engineer and a Project Sponsor were all arguing… The Doctor stated that God removed a rib from Adam, and therefore must have required a surgeon; surely his was the oldest profession in the world? The Technical Engineer shakes his head and says ‘no, no, no!’; the bible states God created the world out of void and chaos, and therefore engineering is the oldest profession in the world…. Then the Project Sponsor says,…

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