PMO Planet presents at Nordic Project Zone in Stockholm

A Good Tradesman Never Blames Their Tools!!!! PMO Planet will be presenting in Stockholm on Monday 14th November 2011 at the Nordic Project Zone. How many companies buy and attempt to use a Enterprise Portfolio Management tool to capture information on their projects? And how many manage to make this successful? how many end up with an expensive overhead, and an even bigger headache? Implementing an IT / ICT / Technology solution in any business should help not hinder. It should improve the effeciency and effectiveness of a business, yet in the majority of cases in Project Management we fail…

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PMO Planet presents at the APM Yorkshire Branch

The Evolution of the PMO – from Primeval being to intelligent life form…. Ralf Finchett of PMO Planet and Planixs will be presenting to the APM on the 21st September 2011. Please contact to book places At the dawn of time there was project management. Soon after, project managers found they needed support and created the project support office. Years went by and programme management gave birth to the Programme Management Office (PMO). More recently portfolio management has hit the headlines, and the PMO is now evolving into the portfolio office. In this presentation, Ralf Finchett jnr will present…

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Pimp My PMO – Tools Survey

Pimp my PMO – All projects and programmes use tools in some way, shape or form, and these tools ‘Pimp Up’ the PMO for reporting by collating information. Sometimes this helps or it could hinder; and sometimes it just looks good and doesn’t do the job.  PMO Planet are conducting some research on the types of tools and software used for Project and Programme Management. The research intends to understand if these tools are of any help, or are they something that ‘gets in the way’. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Excel with a ‘bad ass’ macro and PowerPoint racing stripes, or…

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PMO Special Interest Group – Raising the Bar

The PMO Special Interest Group have announced their next conference on the 8th March 2011 in Coventry. The theme for the event is ‘Raising the Bar’, focusing on Portfolio level PMO’s. More details and bookings for the event can be found at Ralf Finchett, has been invited as one of the guest speakers at the event specialising on the ‘Mammoth task of setting up of a Portfolio PMO (How to eat an Elephant)’…. or should it be ‘the Mammoth Tusk?’ 😉

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Portfolio Abstracts presented at International Conference

Ralf Finchett presented two abstracts of his papers on issues affecting programmes and portfolios and suggesting solutions to these issues. On the 9th July 2010, Ralf presented one paper on Prioritising projects in a Portfolio, and Risk prioritisation and management within a Programme or Portfolio. Below is footage showing not only Ralf (approx 2mins 18 secs, and mentioned again at 6mins 47secs), but other delegates, and ‘Captains’ of industry (including the Head of PMO for Airbus from Toulouse, Fr), along with the Senior Lecturers giving highlights of the two day conference.

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