Experienced practitioner in leading large teams within either Business Transformation or Portfolio Management in large and complex environments, on both client and supplier side, across IT (Agile and Waterfall) and Business, working on Strategic and Business Transformational change initiatives in various sectors and organisations; always ensuring the customer is at the centre of all propositions and execution of change, and constantly challenging the team to think differently, engineering the best value proposition for the organisation.

A champion of Agile methods, Ralf understands how to control delivery of Agile, whilst maintaining flexibility of iterative delivery.

Successful in building relationships, Ralf has worked with C’level senior leadership teams to re-organise how they are structured to deliver changes for their business customers, all achieved by engaging with business customers and leaders, coaching Project Managers, and managing the implementation as a ‘change on change leaders’.

Pragmatic in set up and delivery of lifecycles, project controls and reporting, allowing the PM’s to have enough flexibility to deliver, whilst keeping it simple, and giving the business customer confidence that the programmes are controlled, whilst delivering to their expectation. He ensures clear visibility to all stakeholders through visual dashboards and engagement.

Ralf is a customer focused PMO and works with the business to develop and plan Strategic Change road maps with both the IT and Business, then controlling the delivery, ensuring the right projects are selected. Within Business Transformation, Ralf has lead teams to develop the Business Transformation approach and plan, focusing on how a change can be executed at pace, and embedded with customers and the organisation.

Ralf was also Past Chairman of the APM PMO Specific Interest Group in the UK, a contributor for the PMI guide to Portfolio Management, and reviewer on the P3O 2013 guide.

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