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PMO – Project ‘De-motivational’ posters (just for fun ;-)

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

After recently catching up with an past colleague, she mentioned the new engagement she was involved with had the ‘motivational’ posters placed all around the office; you’ll know the ones… the posters with a black border and a photo of a person climbing a mountain with the word Achievement and words of inspiration written underneath ‘it’s hard when you fail, but its worse when you never tried to succeed’.

We got into talking about if these posters added value and the verdict is still open, but as the day went by, we also talked about being a realist and the constant challenges PM’s face delivering projects… And here was born the Project De-motivational posters…. they are just for fun, and give a dose of reality in the challenging world of delivering change.

There is a serious message behind each one of the posters; and that is, as a PMO I constantly see these events happening…. in most cases it’s different people, different organisations and projects, yet the same trends…  as project and change professionals it’s OUR responsibility to put them right.

Have fun reading through them, and let me know if you have any ideas of your own



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